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What Is User Interface and Experience Design (UI/UX)?


User experience designers are responsible for building products that feel effortless to use and meaningfully made. That simplicity and personalization is born from a complex balance of user-centric design, user research, active empathy, and technological literacy.


User Research

Understand what users need, and more importantly why they need it

Info Architecture

Structure and organize content based on user goals and business objectives

Interaction Design

Manage how digital elements work together to help users achieve their goals


Conduct evaluative research to see how designs perform for real users

Visual Design

Control the graphic components of a design to support its use and goals

This program consisting of 6 of 3.5-hour classes over a period of 6 weeks will teach prospective underestimated founders and the underskilled employees these key skills. These skills are needed for these really good reasons and will be taught by our facilitators Charlotte Clark and Herston Fails.


Block Knowledge will assist you with tools of the trade, 1:1 mentorship, professional development,  career services, networking opportunities, and portfolio development. You really don’t want to miss this!


Upon completing this program, the founders will be able to use UIUX Design Tools such as Sketch, Figma, Marvel, AdobeXD, effectively speak tech, create user personas through interviews, and work with engineers to build their products and or services.

UI/UX Design

Mind Mapping

User Requirements

User Stories



Our Facilitators 

Charlotte Clark

Our Chief Community Tech Officer, Charlotte, will work to support you through building your product and business. She has over six years of Full Stack Software Development, User Interface Design, and  experience working in the healthcare tech industry. Charlotte graduated from MIT School of Computer Science. She has a passion for helping others to understand their tech better to accomplish their dreams. 

Herston Fails

Our Block Facilitator, Herston, is a Designer and Developer, who has an appetite to learn and teach everything about User Experiences, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and frontend development. With a career spanning over a decade, Heston’s passion has continued to grow within tech education. He wholeheartedly believes in you to embrace the field as well. Herston has the ability to challenge and support you every stage of Product Development.

I wish this course had been available when I first started. It would’ve saved a lot of time and money learning everything the hard way. And those are two things startups can’t afford to lose. It should be considered required learning for every non-technical founder.



What’s in it For Me?

I can almost here you thinking, even now as I type this: “OK, I get it, this is an outstanding program of tech education that offers 1:1 mentorship, project based learning, networking opportunities, world class facilitators, and instructor support; but what’s in it for me?!”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

78% of cohort graduates go on to start a business or land a job in the tech field

Cohort graduates earn, on average, $42,000 more income after graduating than what they earned before

37% of cohort graduates enter the professional workforce, contributing to diversity in the workplace

Corporate Partners

Ready to make a difference in your community?

Committed to creating a thriving commercial environment for businesses both large and small?

Contact us today about becoming a corporate partner with Block Knowledge!

Block Knowledge has helped me tremendously to have a much larger vision for my business. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Additionally I’ve been introduced to many new community resources helpful for my startup to grow.

Lisa Pena

Urban Hikes

Program FAQs

What requirements do I need to have?

No previous experience is necessary. We do ask for you to have a device with a working camera, internet connection, and a Gmail account

What does my tuition cover?

Facilitation and resource fees and 1:1 sessions with our Development team.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! IF you qualify. We offer scholarships to individuals who meet at least one of the following:

  • Income less than $35,000
  • Displaced workers due to COVID-19
  • Represent underestimated communities


What if I can't afford tuition and I miss the free scholarship?

We can work with you on payment options. We want to reduce barriers of access and that includes income. Contact us for more information.

I have a job right now, will I be able to take this?

Yes, for dedicated professionals, we record the classes for you to review. If you believe in yourself, we will too. 

What if I have a product, can you help me with my business?

Of course! We love business and products. If you’re in the idea stage or working on next stages, our team offers wraparound services for reduced fees for your growing business.

Still curious?