Brief Background of Google I/O event

The Google I/O 2021 is an annual developer conference held by Google where announcements are made on new hardware, software, and various updates for Google’s existing apps and services. In previous years, It had always been held in Mountain View, California. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this event did not hold last year, 2020. However, It came back this year – All Virtual.

What has happened so far?

This year’s event started from Tuesday, May 18, and would end tomorrow Friday, May 21. Tuesday’s main attraction was the keynote from Sundar Pichai and other Google executives, delivered at 10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET). You can watch it below.

Below are major Highlights already announced:

Android 12

As expected, Google officially dropped the first beta release of Android 12 at Google I/O on Tuesday.

Features to look out for include new privacy options, more personalized touch (Material You), better performance and battery life etc.

Project Starline

This project takes videoconferencing to another level -. Google made a demo of a new project that makes video calls look very realistic using real time -3D imaging- 3D display.

Smart Canvas on Google Docs

Looking like a mix of Google Sheets, Docs, and Asana, Smart Canvas is a new collaboration tool to Workspaces. – We also hear that Google Meet would be integrated into this tool later this year!

Google Lens

Google Lens has taken visual translation and shopping a top notch. Just a take a photo of a strange language and have it translated for you. Or is it a Photograph of the shows you saw on a friend, with the integration with shopping, Google searches for the products in the photos and tells you where you can buy it.

Google Maps

Google Maps Live View in Augmented reality (AR) is the key new feature here. Also Search results in Google Maps will also automatically adjust based on the time of the day.

Google Shopping

A shopping Graph that integrates information from across the web, including reviews has now been included in Google. Also an upcoming collaboration with Shopify would even make your shopping experience more delightful. and as explained earlier, with Google Lens, you just need to examine a photo or screenshot, and boom, it searches for products you want to buy online.

Wear OS

Google’s WearOS has combined with Samsung’s Tizen wearable operating systems to give faster apps, longer battery life and mass developer support.. Something else to look out for later this fall is a partnership between Google Wear and Fitbit

Google Meet

Google Meet is also receiving noise cancellation improvements, video quality features that rely on AI for lighting, framing and focusing, and translations.


Although this is still in R&D phase, Sundar Pichai took us through LaMDA, a natural language platform. Several demonstrations were done, with LaMDA acting as planet Pluto and as a paper airline. Eventually, Google will use LaMDA in Google Assistant, Search, and is looking into ways to give developers access to the futuristic platform.

Google Camera Software

In a bid to make a more inclusive camera experience for everyone, Google developers are working on making their cameras more accurate for people of color. Historically, cameras have struggled with their auto white balance features and losing darker skin tones in shadowed areas.

This is not all. Other topics that were discussed include:

  • TPU v$
  • Multitask Unified Model (MUM)
  • Little Patterns and Cinematic
  • Moments on Google Photos
  • Google Health – Using AI to identify skin conditions
  • Privacy Controls
  • New password tools on Google Chrome
    …and a lot more.

Here at Block Knowledge, we are excited about everything. Imagine how smart canvas would even make our work collaboration even better 😀
Which of these updates are you most excited about? Tell us in the comment section below.

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