About Block Knowledge

Block Knowledge is a Startup Studio and Venture Builder supporting Underestimated Business Owners, Founders, and Builders in Kansas City!

Rebuilding Better Communities
Block By Block!

Block Knowledge is a startup studio that is committed to providing resources to founders struggling to validate their business ideas, launch a new product/service, and raise hard to get funding. We place an emphasis on assisting founders from diverse and underestimated communities.

Block Knowledge offers a variety of Community Programming from Entrepreneur Education, Business Support, Technical Support, and Technology Education such as Product Development, User Interface and User Experience Design (UIUX, Development Operations (DevOps), and Cyber Security. 

Block Knowledge Brings over 70 Years of Combined Experience

Our Block Mission

Block Knowledge empowers the underestimated founder within rural and urban communities to realize their fullest potential and to impact the universe through entrepreneurial STEM Innovation, Access to Equitable Opportunities, Mentorship, Apprenticeship, and support and development. With this focus, our mission is to foster equality in an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Our Block Vision

Block Knowledge seeks to foster equality in entrepreneurship.

“So this is a class, I’ll tell anyone who is thinking of starting a business, or even if you’ve started and you’re at a place where you’re feeling stagnant and you do not know which way you want to go, it might be a good place. Not “might be”. It will be the great place for you to be at. Just, it will be worth it. I will tell you that.”

-Harriet Sore

Founder, NCHII

Why Block Knowledge

Over 120 Founders

Founders are the lifeblood of Block Knowledge. They are the brave individuals who come to us for help to start or accelerate their business. And we have helped over 120 of them. That’s a lot of success!

Nearly 2000 Program Participants

Block Knowledge has engaged with 1,882 entrepreneurs and technical founders to get them the skills, the knowledge and the capital they need to keep moving forward.

Located in the Heart of KC

Block Knowledge is located inside of Plexpod in downtown Kansas City. Cutting edge facilities in the heart of a vibrant urban core.

World Class Facilitators

At Block Knowledge we have the privilege of working with some of the best people in the world! Our facilitators are founders, leaders, executives, investors, and believers in YOU!

Support and Resources

Block Knowledge mentors are innovators, product developers, entrepreneurs, investors, computer scientists, and elite Digital Mercenaries here to help you succeed.

Validating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.


early stage funding 


companies supported 




interns placed 

You ever wanted to create an idea, but literally could not figure out how to get started, who to ask, and or where to get the funds from. Block Knowledge solves that problem by giving you the Cheat Code to the startup industry and provides enough education for any founder to THRIVE!

-Abdul Syed


Our Block Squad

Ter’Ranay Teague

Community Site Manager

Jim Bogle

Board President

Rebecca Dove

Board Advisor Education

Stan Archie



Digital Mercenary, CEO

Quest Moffat

Quest Moffat created Block Knowledge (FKA ProjectUK) in 2014 out of frustration at a lack of DIVERSITY within the STEM arena and that there was a huge disconnect between founders of color and VENTURE BACKED FUNDING for their STEM based StartUP! 

Quest is a social serial entrepreneur and growth hacker that has a SERIOUS passion in helping underestimated individuals achieve their goals.

Quest has over 18 years of software development and full stack engineering of products and services within the areas of computer speech recognition, enterprise integration, financial services, augmented reality, and SaaS.