Our Vision

Block Knowledge
seeks to foster equality in entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Block Knowledge empowers the underestimated founder within rural and urban communities to realize their fullest potential and to impact the universe through entrepreneurial STEM Innovation, Access to Equitable Opportunities, Mentorship, Apprenticeship, and support and development. With this focus, our mission is to foster equality in an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Block Knowledge is run by experienced entrepreneurs who come from the underrepresented populations (women and POC) we seek to serve

The only program of its kind in Kansas City that requires a minimum of 250 interviews for every business that goes through the program to ensure product market fit 

One of few programs of its kind in the nation that has an internal product development team




So this is a class, I’ll tell anyone who is thinking of starting a business, or even if you’ve started and you’re at a place where you’re feeling stagnant and you do not know which way you want to go, it might be a good place. Not “might be”. It will be the great place for you to be at. Just, it will be worth it. I will tell you that.

— Harriet Sore, Alumna 2019 

Meet the Block Squad

Quest Moffat

Quest Moffat

CEO & Founder

Rebecca Dove

Rebecca Dove

Strategic Outreach & Education Specialist

Ter'Ranay Teague

Ter'Ranay Teague

Site Coordinator

Our Block Board

Laura Alvarez

Jim Bogle

Rick Usher